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10 Fitness Terms


10 Fitness Terms You should know.

You have 3 reasons to read this blog.

Reason #1: If you don’t want any person or any fitness trainer to take advantage of you that you do not know these fitness terms, and they do not make you stupid.

Reason #2: Tomorrow, in a forum or in a fitness group, while talking about fitness discussion, and you don’t want to sit there completely blank. Rather, keep your words and give your suggestion well.

Reason #3: Fitness terms can be anything.

The more training you do, the more exercise you do, the more diet you follow, there is no use unless you know these Fitness terms. Because any person or unfit person standing in the cell can turn your decision down in front of 10 people.

Fitness Term #1. Diet

Diet is a word that you must have been heard thousands of times. Someone says that I am on a weight gain diet, someone says that I am in a weight loss diet, someone says that I am in a ketogenic diet. But when we talk about the terminology of this “Diet“.

For example, I am on a weight gain diet, which means that until his/her target weight is not achieved, it will remain on that diet. Or someone is on a weight loss diet until his/her target goal is met, then it will remain on that diet. That is, the diet is something temporary not permanent. You follow that diet for a particular time period not permanent. So never use the term of diet in any fitness forum, in any fitness discussion, or in front of anyone for a lifelong or lifetime.

Fitness Term #2. Nutrition

What is Nutrition? People always use interchangeably between diet and nutrition, which means they say, diet and nutrition are the same things, NO, There is a big difference, For example, my caloric intake is 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat. If I use this diet for a particular time frame or goal, that is called a diet plan, and If I use this same caloric intake of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fat, for the lifetime without any percentage changes, this is called a Nutrition Plan.

That means in the short term period we can say diet plan and in the long term period, we can say nutrition plan. So finally I must tell you, never follow any diet plan, follow only a nutrition plan, because, due to excitement, you follow any diet plan for weight loss or weight gain for the short term period, but when it comes to fitness.

Fitness means lifestyle, lifelong things, like a permanent solution, so when you talk about fitness, never use the word “diet” in any fitness forum, whenever discussed in the form of “Fitness“. If you are being asked, what’s your diet plan, never say this is my diet plan? instead of this, say that my nutrition plan is this. This is the lifestyle that I adopted, This is the way I live, so always use the word “Nutrition“, not a diet in any healthy discussion or in any forum.

Fitness Term #3. Macros

What are macro-nutrients? Macro-nutrients, proteins, carbs, and fat are called macros. If someone asks you what your macros are, then you should not be silent, there are 2 ways to tell macros, first, you tell in percentage like I am in 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat, and second, you tell in grams, like 200 grams of carbs, 100 grams of protein, and 50 grams of fat. In this way, tell your macros to others.

Fitness Term #4. Catabolic State

You will often hear from people, whenever they conduct a session of training, or they are telling any form of exercise or workout. There is one word/term “Catabolic” heard many times, What is this “Catabolic“? Whenever you perform any exercise whether dumbbell curl or any kind of pulling or pushing workouts, even you do chest press or squats anything. In either case, your muscle part or fiber, during the session they are all tear down broken in a part.

In simple language for example, If I take a paper and tear it into a number of pieces, something like that your muscle broken down during the exercise. In this state, whenever you tear down your muscle through a resistance workout or any other workout, why? because you are pushing, pulling, or working hard. So In this state, your body is called a “Calatbolic” State. Make sure, whoever talks to you about Catabolic, now you know the process of “broken muscles down” during the training session, called Catabolic.

Fitness Term #5. Anabolic State

Anabolic state, what is the anabolic state, You have already heard “Anabolic State” from those people who already have talked about Catabolic State. Once you have done the workout, means, you come out from the catabolic state. The body has its own inertia that those tear parts of your muscle which was broken down during the workout. They try to do rebuild or regroup or recover or repair your muscle. And in this state, the same broken muscles fiber try to come initial stage.

So this process is called Anabolic State. Don’t be confused, Catabolic means break down the muscles, and Anabolic means repair those broken down muscles. And in an Anabolic state, the need for protein is more important. Because protein helps to build or repair those muscle fibers which was already broken down. Especially, the essential amino acid “Lucin”, plays a vital role.

Fitness Term #6. Caloric Surplus

Wherever there is talk of weight gain, you will get to hear this term forever. “Caloric Surplus“, What is Caloric Surplus?
In easy words, whatever you eat throughout the day. These are the terms of calories.
For example, you have ingested so many calories throughout the day. And the things you consume daily, let’s say walking daily, or doing workouts, or playing any outdoor sports, or running, or jogging. At that time, the same calories are used, which you have ingested calories.

So when your intake is more and usage is less. And the remaining intake, we call it surplus. Which means Caloric Surplus. Here, the remaining calories or energy that helps to gain the body.

Consume<Intake=Caloric Surplus

Fitness Term #7. Caloric Deficit

You have heard about the caloric deficit. Where someone wants to lose weight. Deficit means loss, that is, lack of something. Let’s suppose your calorie consumption is high and calorie intake is low, the gap or deficit in the middle is called a Caloric Deficit. For example, If you consume 2500 calories and intake 1500 calories, then the extra 1000 calories are the reduction of your body’s muscles or stored fat. Which depends on your meal plan, that it consumes extra 1000 calories from fat or muscle.

Consume>Intake=Caloric Deficit

Fitness Term #8. Exercise

What is Exercise? For example, you are doing bench press, then after 10 minutes you are talking to someone, you are exercising, you are doing dumbbell curl with one hand and using the phone with the other hand, you are exercising, you are talking on the phone, While walking, Exercise. You do some work at home like washing clothes, exercise, exercise is temporary, in which you do not put much strength in the body, exercise can be anything in which movement in your body, exercise is temporary, like a diet plan, so if you do not tell anyone that I exercise, what will you say that you do?

Fitness Term #9. Training

Your answer should be that I do “Training“. Because training is something that you use lifelong, you keep doing it till you die. Training is Challenging, Exercise is never Challenging. You do not talk to anyone on the phone while training, training is discipline, for example, strength training, endurance training, weight training, resistance training, so the way diet and nutrition is different, diet is temporary, and nutrition is Permanent.

In the same way, there is a lot of difference between exercise and training, an exercise which is not a physical challenge, in which you can do other things comfortably, the most important thing is that it is temporary, whereas training. It demands physical challenge. Yes, it needs discipline, and it is permanent until you die. Now if someone asks you what do you exercise, then you say I do not do any exercise, I do “Training“.

Fitness Term #10. Endurance

What is endurance? Someone says endurance or endurance training. What is endurance?
endurance means stamina. Anything that forces you to bear, or increases your stamina, for example, you play cardio or running or hiking. It plays with your stamina. Meaning it challenges your stamina. It creates stamina in you. Suppose I have dumbbells in my hands and I am doing curls.

How will I perform endurance in it? For that, I will apply high repetitions such as 25, 50, 100, 200. What will happen with this, will challenge the resistance of my body, which will increase my stamina level. And ultimately I will be known as an Endurance Athlete. So now whenever someone asks, what is the meaning of endurance, do not be confused just remember one thing Endurance means Stamina.

11. My Bonus Fitness Term

This is the term that everyone needs to know, which is neglected everywhere, which is 80% of your success, that comes from Nutrition. And the 20% part that comes from exercise and rest. Which everyone discusses. My aim is that 80% of the part i.e. the knowledge of nutrition, should be passed on to the people who are particularly in need of them, such as schoolboys, college boys, university boys and girls, who are very fond of fitness.

Similarly, Professional engineers, Doctors, who are qualified expert in their own field, they should never make their self as a test case. This is to say that a fitness trainer is in a gym, but he has neither proper education, neither experience nor exposure. And when these students, professionals go to fitness centers or gyms. Then take care of all these things. Nutrition 80%, Exercise & Rest 20%.

Hence these are all comes in Fitness terms which you need to know. This is the least Fitness terms not the last. So see you in the next blog till then take care yourself and your family.

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