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What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera, the botanical name for which is Aloe barbadensis, is a species of a succulent plant that originated in Northern Africa, the Canary Islands, and Cape Verde. Aloe Vera grows in arid climates and is widely distributed in Africa and other arid areas. However, because the plant is readily adaptable, and because man has been so eager to carry it with him from place to place, it now can be found in many warm lands. The virtues of the plant have been recorded by many great civilizations, from those of Persia and Egypt in the Middle East to those of Greece and Italy in Europe, to those of India and the Africa continent. The species is frequently being used in herbal medicines due to its very many health benefits.

Aloe Vera is also known as “the miracle plant”, and contains 75 potentially active constituents: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugar, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids, and amino acids. It is reported that Aloe Vera extracts may be useful in the treatment of wound and burn healing, diabetes and elevated blood lipids in humans. These positive effects are due to the presences of compounds such as polysaccharides, mannans, anthraquinones, and lectins. Aloe Vera contains more than 20 amino acids and vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium to help meet a person’s daily requirements. It also contains enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, nitrogen and other components, which truly makes Aloe Vera a miracle herb.

Benefits of active ingredients

  • Aloe Vera has cooling and soothing properties. It contains more than 20 amino acids that promote healthy hair and skin
  • It acts as a demulcent to the digestive system and aids in proper digestion. It may also be useful in the cases of constipation, acidity, and liver weakness
  • Aloe Vera boosts the body’s defenses at the cellular level, stimulating the immune system

Benefit of Aloe Vera–

  • Protects from Skin diseases & infections and helps stop baldness.
  • Helps in expelling our worms and genital herpes.
  • Expedites the healing during jaundice & cough.
  • Extremely healthful for Mouth & Gums.
  • Purifies your blood, regulates proper cell function.
  • Maintains cholesterol and Triglycerides serum level.
  • It helps in controlling diabetes.

Dosage: One or Two Capsules twice a day or as directed.  

Advisory: Please consult your health practitioner or medical advisor before using these products and do not stop the intake of any medicine you might be consuming.

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