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Note: Today if you invest thousands of money in your health then tomorrow you will save lakhs of money from the coming diseases.

What is Diet Plan?


Diet plan is the plan of health, the measurement of health, how you live, that depends on the diet plan, without this you might be towards to disease or you already might be in disease problem. The diet plan covers your overall nutrients (Macro and Micro-Nutrients), and in this running life, you don’t know what to eat or what to not, you always forget your precious health that is your primary assets. And the most important thing you just spoil your 99.99% of the body by the just taste of 0.01% (tongue).

You need to take a meal as medicine otherwise you have to take medicines as food for the whole life.

How many calories should you eat to lose or Gain weight naturally?


To lose weight, you need to reduce your caloric intake below your total daily calorie requirement indicated by your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) + Activity level. Pushing yourself in a 500+ calorie deficit every day should result in the loss of one pound (453.5 gram) every week.

Rule: 3500 calories = 1 pound weight per week (Caloric Deficit for Weight loss) Rule: 3500 calories = 1 pound weight per week (Caloric Surplus for Weight gain)

The Natural Muscle gain or Weight gain per Week Normal/Good Gain – Gain 1 pound (0.8 muscle + 0.2 fat)

Clean Gain – Gain 0.7 pound (0.7 muscle + 0 fat)

Extreme Gain/Dirty – Gain 4 pound (1.5-pound muscles + 2.5-pound fat)       

The Natural Weight loss or Fat loss per Week

Normal/Good Weight Loss – Lose 1 pound (0.2 muscle + 0.8 fat)

Pure Fat Loss – Lose 0.7 pound (0 muscle + 0.7 fat)

Extreme Weight Loss – Lose 3-4 pound (2.5 pound muscles + 1 pound fat)

Foods cure your diseases more than medicine. So get ready for the diet plans.

Diet plans

Vegetarian Atkins South beach
Mediterranean Raw food Ketogenic
Vegan Kids
(age 2-12)
Pregnancy women
Patient (Cancer,
High BP, Sugar,
Fat loss Weight loss
Muscle gain Lean Muscle
Quick Fat loss
Quick Weight loss Student Working men & Women

What is the Workout plan?


The plan is structured into splits (like dividing days) for a total of several workouts, with a day of rest in between or it depends on an individual’s goal and depends on the muscle parts.

For example The Universal Splits

And Abs have trained in between them and the cycle begins again on Monday the following week. This cycle works up to 8 weeks, 12 weeks or further. We will customize your workout plan by your goal and suitable days.

Workout plans

Muscle building Weight loss Fat loss
Muscle maintain Improve the weak muscle   Home Workout

Make yourself fit and make others fit either. Before entering the gym or get a healthy life, you should have a proper diet and workout plan.

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