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What is Folic & Iron Plus?

One of the most common nutrient deficiencies found in women is that of iron and folic acid. Deficiency of both causes anemia, which results in a decreased number of red blood cells (RBCs) or low hemoglobin levels in the blood. The goal of providing iron-folic acid supplements is to restore normal levels of iron and to replenish hemoglobin levels in the blood. Poor dietary intake of iron, accelerated increase in requirements of iron e.g. during pregnancy and lactation; adolescent females and elderly can benefit with the supplementation of iron and folic acid.

Benefits of active ingredients

Iron: An important mineral that the body needs to produce red blood cells (RBCs) and in turn improves Hemoglobin levels.

Folic Acid: Needed to form healthy cells, especially RBCs. Women of childbearing age should maintain adequate amounts of folic acid through supplements or diet to prevent birth defects.

Vitamin C: Improves the absorption of iron from the stomach

Vitamin B12: Helps in maintaining the health of the nerve cells and for the synthesis of the RBCs.

Zinc: May help prevent osteoporosis in women during menopause, it also helps to strengthen the immune system. The combination plays an important role in overall growth and development.

Benefit of Folic and Iron plus –

  • Complete supplement for Women
  • Increase RBCs level

Dosage: One or two capsules daily for adults and children above 12 years

Advisory: These products are nutritional supplements and not medicine. These are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please consult your health practitioner or medical advisor before using these products and do not stop the intake or any medicine you might be consuming.

Dietary Advice: Iron is better absorbed on an empty stomach and should be taken before the meal.

Caution: Iron supplements during or after pregnancy should be taken on healthcare practitioners advise only.

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