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Which is the best muscle mass gainer?

Let me clear the air about supplements and all their flashy advertisements before I go on to tell you which kind of supplements would help take you closer to your aims and in this article I’ll be focusing particularly on muscle mass gainer supplements since this is what most people are going for.

Firstly, let me drill the fact into you that you will not become Ronnie Coleman just by taking BSN supplements or similarly Jay Cutler if you use MuscleTech’s product. Such bodybuilders are full-time athletes dedicating their life to the sport itself, not to mention the fact that they are genetically so gifted in this specific department.

Secondly, do not ever think of such supplements as meal replacements/substitutes. Even though your supplement might contain more protein/carbohydrates than in your normal food intake diet, do NOT think of it as a meal replacement. If you ever do, you’re just wasting the world’s supply of bodybuilding supplements.

Alright, so what kind of supplements are there out there in the market which helps build muscle mass? You see muscle mass gainer supplements come under an amazing array of products. Anything that helps you put on muscle mass that is. This includes whey protein powder, muscle mass gainers, creatine, testosterone boosters, and many others so to speak.

If you’ve just started out and you find it difficult to put on muscle mass, I recommend increasing your daily calorie intake with the help of muscle mass gainers. Muscle Mass gainers like its name suggest aims to help pack on the pounds to your frame. Do take note that most mass gainers are intensified with sugar to give you the extra calories and be prepared because a serving is rather large but still, do follow the directions stated for the best results.

If you’ve been hitting the gym quite frequently and mass gainer hasn’t really helped you much, I suggest that you go ahead and try creatine. This is one of the most studied muscle mass gainer supplements in the industry because of the amazing results it promises and boy it’s true.

Ever since millions of dollars were pumped into the study of creatine, it has constantly been revolutionized and improved on and we consumers definitely stand to gain from this. There are many different types of creatine out there such as ethyl ester creatine and creatine monohydrate etc. As of yet, it is still difficult to tell which type of creatine would best suit you. Do not be afraid to try them though as I’m positive that all creatine helps pack on muscle mass with the right workout and diet plans.

Moving on to the most common muscle mass gainer supplement- the protein powder. Many are your usual run-over-the-mill kind of protein but there are 2 that I would like to comment on. Would also like to thank BSN and Optimum nutrition for coming out with True Mass and the 100% Whey Gold Standard respectively which in my very own opinion, takes the cake in terms of effectiveness and taste.

How to Pick the Correct Muscle Mass Gainers?

Perhaps the most popular products for people who want to gain muscle mass are those that contain whey protein. Most people look for a powder or supplement form of whey protein when they want to gain weight and build muscles. Unfortunately, people who are only starting out in gaining weight and don’t put enough time into researching such products may be facing a problem once the side effects start showing.

People who are trying to gain weight should be able to differentiate the products they need from the products normally endorsed to muscle gainers. Muscle gainers are those who are into building their bodies in the desired form and are keen on gaining muscle mass. Perhaps there is no problem with the consumers and product marketing should be blamed.

Avoid being deceived by some products that may be called muscle mass gainer or massive size gainer that feature pictures of men with huge muscles. If you want to make sure you are getting the correct whey protein product, whether, for weight gain or muscle gain, you should be able to do some research on the correct names of these products.

It is very important to know the difference between the weight gainer products and the muscle mass gainer products. The packaging of products such as whey protein may be deceiving. If you are looking at gaining massive muscle size and you unconsciously take one whey protein product intended for weight gainers, then you are most likely to gain flaps instead of muscles.

Some of these whey protein products contain a big amount of sugar and simple carbohydrates that are beneficial to weight gainers since the components are naturally meant to pack on the kilos. People who take these can see visible weight gain because of the hard fat acquired from the components. Most often than not, such products are taken by competitive wrestlers and weight lifters. Those who have very high metabolism take the same thing as the fats are less likely to affect them.

Products intended for muscle gain or mass gainers should contain the finest whey protein and provide your overall daily nutritional needs. The only carbs that you should be willing to take if you intend to gain muscles are complex carbs that help with muscle expansion. The complex carbs are a large source of energy that you need for your intense weight training or muscle gain workouts.

Can Muscle Mass Gainer Help You Gain More Muscle Mass?

Many of us have problems with our body weight. If you are underweight, eating more fat is not the solution to help you gain more weight. You can reach your ideal body weight by putting on some muscle mass instead of body fat. A lot of people misunderstood that gaining more weight means putting on more fat into the body.

Most people go to the gym to lose weight only. There are also many people who go to the gym to gain some weight. While this can be true, working out at the gym is not enough to reach any of the goals. To gain muscle mass and keep your body fit, you have to follow a diet plan that can give you enough calories and nutrition to put on some muscle mass. You may consider using a muscle mass gainer supplement to speed up your muscle growth.

Not only do bodybuilders and fitness experts suggest that we train routinely to gain some mass, but they also suggest that protein intake must be increased to build more muscle. The amount of carbohydrate and fat in each meal must be given extra attention so that you consume just the right amount of them to give you enough energy. Otherwise, if you consume too many more calories than you need, you are going to end up with a bigger waist.

An easy way to make sure that you get all the nutrition you need so that your muscle can grow is by taking fitness supplements. Supplements are not drugs that can help you gain weight in a short time. Supplements give you the nutrition that you don’t get from the foods you eat every day. They prevent you from suffering from malnutrition due to the strict diet you are following.

A good weight gainer supplement contains all the nutrition you need to help you gain some mass. It should be able to help you avoid putting unwanted fat in your belly. Choose a weight gainer that is high in protein and contains complex carbohydrates, good fats, some enzymes, and glutamine.

Keep in mind that if you want to gain some mass, the right way to do it is by following a balanced diet plan. Eating more is not the solution to your underweight problem. Eat more frequently but in smaller serving sizes will keep your metabolism high. Eat right and work out regularly, that way your muscles will grow bigger. Remember that everything takes time, it is a process, so try to enjoy it.

The 10 Best Weight Gainers With the Cheapest Cost

There are people who notice it hard to gain weight. Some even had to enroll in gym classes and purchase a variety of weight gaining supplements that could be pretty expensive and time-consuming

Despite all the efforts you exert trying to achieve the weight that you desire, you can never see the results without the right kind of foods that will help you build muscle mass. There are cheap weight gainer foods and supplements are simply round the corner. You just need to learn what is the best weight gainer that suits your needs and how to make it all turn out effective.

In building muscles, all you need are nutrient-dense, muscle-building foods that will help you store all proteins and calories you need to gain muscle mass. The best weight gainer with the cheapest cost includes basic foods that we eat every day.

  1. Eggs
    Eggs are known to be the richest source of protein and fat. It has about 5-6 grams of protein in each egg which is very cheap compared to other weight gain foods that cost more than just the price of one single egg. The yolk contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are both good for the body, half of the egg’s protein, and essential amino acids and vitamins that are not found on the egg whites. Click To Buy Online
  2. Chicken Breast
    Chicken Breast is better than whole chicken because it contains 31 grams of protein per 100 grams of raw chicken breast. Its fat contents rely upon the bodily property of the meat but it’s actually cheap as a lean weight gainer food for the body. However, many individuals may be concerned with a large amount of fat found on whole chicken. You can easily make it leaner by browning the meat which reduces cholesterol and fat. After this, you can run water over the whole chicken so the fat will be washed out. Some might even want to eliminate more fat by pouring the meat onto paper towels which absorbs grease left from the straining process. It will definitely leave with nothing more but healthier, leaner meat that will be perfect for your muscle-building needs. Click To Buy Online
  3. Whole Milk
    Whole milk is very popular among bodybuilders. It has 8-9 grams of protein and fat per cup and is a standard weight gaining food that focuses purely on muscle weight gain. A gallon has about 16 cups of milk which is very cost-efficient for “hard gainers” and aspiring bodybuilders. Click To Buy Online
  4. Peanut Butter
    Peanut butter is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most appetizing ways of bulking up. It has 6 grams of protein and 16 grams of monounsaturated fats per 2tbsp servings, a few tbsp. servings with your sandwiches, protein shakes, or oatmeal will definitely increase your calories and build up your muscles in no time. Click To Buy Online
  5. Sweet Potatoes
    If you’re looking for a muscle weight gainer that is easy on the budget, you could try consuming foods that are high on carbs. Potatoes are ideal for a high carb diet and it’s the most affordable weight gainer on this category. A medium-sized red potato has about 25-30 grams of carbs that would easily help you build muscle mass faster. Click To Buy Online
  6. Oats
    Oats is another great source of carbohydrates. A cup contains at least 50 grams of carbs and 6 grams of fiber. One great thing about oats is that it is extremely healthy. It helps in cleansing the body by promoting better digestion. There is a variety of commercialized oatmeal’s that you can take anywhere you go, so it is more convenient and cheap for anyone who wants to do some serious bulking up. Click To Buy Online
  7. Whey Protein
    Most whey protein powders have 25 grams of protein per serving. While it is the most effective food supplements for individuals who desire to have big, hard muscles, it is also considered to be the cheapest in the list of protein weight gainer supplements around. Click To Buy Online
  8. Bananas
    Bananas provide a tasty variation among the high carb sources we have like potatoes and oats. A banana has 30 grams of carbs and can be easily combined with your favorite whey protein shakes or oatmeal diet after a routine workout. This facilitates the rapid digestion of carbs and proteins in the body thus making it a quick solution for weight gain and muscle build-up. Click To Buy Online
  9. Olive Oils
    Olive oils are popular for health-conscious individuals because it is the cheapest source of nutritious mono and polyunsaturated fats. It can be easily combined with salads or cook your egg, meat, and potatoes using this extremely nutritious oil. Some individuals even add it to their shakes to rapidly increase their caloric intake. Click To Buy Online
  10. Tuna
    Canned tuna is making its name in the cheapest muscle-building foods available in the market. Canned tuna has at least 25 grams of lean protein that is highly nutritious and delicious as well. There are commercial tuna packed in oil which is twice as many calories with just about the same cost as your regular canned tuna. Click To Buy Online

How can I gain muscle mass fast without adding body fat? (Skinny Special)

If you surf the internet forums about bodybuilding, you will get a lot of questions on how to gain weight is just as much as those on how to lose it. For most people, being skinny is identical to a lack of appetite. This leads people to understand that the ways that to gain weight are eating more quantity of food, eating a lot of frequently, drink a lot of milk, etc… It’s all associated with food.

If you follow the tips above you will end up putting more fat into your body. You may eventually gain more weight but all the pounds of weight you gain is mostly fat. This article will show you how to gain weight properly. You will put on extra muscle mass instead of body fat.

1. You can only control two major parts of your body mass: muscle mass and body fat. You can increase or decrease both muscle mass and body fat. You can choose to put on some muscle mass and lose fat instead of adding unnecessary fat by simply eating more food.

2. People who are naturally skinny cannot store too much fat in their bodies. They can eat all the junk foods like pizza, burgers, ice cream, etc. like crazy but they will still have a hard time gaining weight nor even get fatter.

3. The other way to gain weight for those people is by putting on extra muscle mass because their bodies cannot store too much fat. Putting on more muscle mass is going to be much easier and healthier.

4. The concept of how to gain lean muscle mass is very simple. You have to destroy your muscle tissues and let them repair themselves. During the recovery period, you are only responsible to feed the muscles with protein. You can consume supplements like muscle mass gainer to supply all the nutrients you need the increase muscle mass.

5. The only way to destroy those muscle tissues are by lifting weights. Do three sessions of weight training a week. Train all your muscle groups but focus on the three biggest muscle groups: chest, back, and thigh.

Upon reading this article, you will have an understanding of how to gain more weight effectively. Don’t follow any ideas that suggest you to simply eat more to gain weight. If you are skinny, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you eat less than other people. Eat right and go to the gym. You will get there in no time at all.

If you are too lazy to eat more, you can consume high calories weight gainer so that your body can absorb all the calories and nutrients instantly. Protein powder stacked with creatine monohydrate is by far the most ultimate bodybuilding supplement stack to gain weight.

How to Build Muscle Mass Without Using Supplements Or Drugs?

Gaining muscle mass quickly is every hard-gainers dream. And to induce completely ripped naturally without using supplements typically looks not possible. It is straightforward to be seduced by glamorous photos of ripped buff bods with biceps muscle the size of footballs and thighs the dimension of a multilane highway. But when common sense catches up with you, usually after you have spent the fortune, you realize that many of those photographs were of those who were certainly taking supplements or using drugs.

Gaining muscle mass naturally means you need a great set of tools that are easily implemented and a mindset that will take you the distance.

Take action on these tips and to gain hard lean muscle mass quickly.

  1. Use free weights: Machines force you into taking a trajectory that may not be natural for your body type. It doesn’t allow you to design in that all-important change to keep your muscles growing. By using free weights you develop the supporting muscles at the same time and gain well-proportioned muscle increase.

2. Use dumbbells instead of barbells: This will stop your favored arm from taking over and dominating the exercise. It allows your weaker side to develop and address an existing imbalance. Start with your weakest arm first so that it sets the upper reaches of your training to prevent creating an imbalance.

3. Alternate workout intensity: Train a muscle group to failure every other workout. (Failure means to not be able to complete your last rep) By controlling the intensity of your workouts you push your muscles to the limit and give your muscles the necessary rest time to recover and grow. Don’t train to failure every workout.

4. Minimise rests between sets: No more than 20 – 30 seconds between reps. if you pause longer than this you are kidding yourself that you are focused on your training.

5. Feel the burn: When you begin to feel the heat sing in the area that you are training it is a sign that things are happening. Feel it. Concentrate on it and keep those reps going.

6. Keep the blood flow in one area at a time: If you are split training for example; do your back and chest on the same day and shoulders and arms on the same day. By doing muscle groups that are close to each other you are maximizing the effects of your workout by localizing the blood flow and loading the intensity without increasing either your reps or your weights.

7. Control the entire movement: Don’t allow momentum to deliver some of the upward push. Keep your body parts steady and avoid swinging.

8. Finish the reps you set: This is all about keeping your form and using the correct technique. Use lighter weights if you have to but don’t stop at 9 reps if your goal is 10 or 15 reps if your goal is 20. Keep a lighter set nearby and pick them up as soon as you begin to lose your form and push through to the end of your set. By keeping your form correct you continue to deliver maximum impact to your target muscles, you avoid injury and psychologically you give yourself a powerful charge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Muscle Mass Gainer Supplements?

If you are trying to put on or build muscle in your body, there are some methods you can try. The tried, tested and proven method is to lift weights, eat the right food, and follow it up with the right supplements. Muscle Mass gainer supplements as the name suggests, helps you to add body mass which converts itself to muscle when you lift weights. There are some advantages to using this and some possible drawbacks too.


They can help digest food faster. When digested fast, the food is able to move faster to the muscles, enabling the muscles to build faster. Protein in these supplements enables the blood flow to increase to the muscles. muscle Mass gainer supplements increase the body strength and also energy levels. It will leave you feeling energized throughout the day. It is also known to increase the power levels in athletes, thus enabling them to run or exercise for long periods. Through these supplements, the body is able to keep water levels which are necessary for muscle growth.

Apart from muscle growth, it also helps the body with a good metabolism. If you have sore muscles or torn muscles, these supplements help to repair and build muscle tissue. Therefore it goes beyond just gaining body mass. The recovery rate when suffering from muscle injuries is great. The ideal supplements make you feel less full, increase energy and strength levels throughout the day.


If you are allergic to milk or milk products then avoid taking supplements having whey proteins. Do not expect to build your body just by popping in supplements. People who have diabetes or hypoglycemia should avoid taking supplements that have whey protein as it is known to cut sugar levels further in the blood. Creatine in supplements can cause liver and kidney damage if used in large proportion and over long periods of time. If you are on any kind of medication, please consult your physician before you take muscle mass gainer supplements. Prescribed drugs might not have its required effect or might cause negative effects on the body when used simultaneously with supplements.

There have been cases where these supplements have caused diarrhea, fatigue, reduced blood pressure, swelling of arms and legs, cramps, nausea, fasciitis, and also headaches. Please avoid muscle mass gainer supplements if your body has any of these symptoms or at least, check with a physician on the chances of these occurring to you.

Can I gain mass with whey protein?

Yes, you can gain mass with the whey protein but it takes time as compare to the muscle mass gainer, our body work as natural phenomenon, with the whey protein, it creates new muscle tissues because it has high proteins and negligible carbohydrates. Click to know more about Whey Protein.

If you go with the whey protein you would have to take as regular diet, that complete your daily protein intake, which is required as your body demanded. And the whey protein, mostly takes time around 3-6 months to get the result because whatever your body need like recreate muscle tissues, strength, stamina etc. that regularly provided by the whey protein.

What is the difference between protein and mass gainer?

There are many difference between protein powder and muscle mass gainer but the major difference are depend on quantity of proteins, fats, carbs (carbohydrates) and sugar etc. If we talk about the serving size of both muscle mass gainer and protein powder (using blend) know the various of protein powders. Click Here.

Let’s assume 30 grams of both, in generally 30 grams of scoop, you will find in mostly protein powders but in the muscle mass gainer, the scoop size is really huge like 50-60 grams. Let’s take 30 grams of both then you will find –

Qty. (30g Serving)Protein PowderMuscle Mass Gainer
Energy (Calories)100-150120-150
Compare PriceModerate Cheap
Top 10 SupplementsClick HereClick Here

As you can see the difference between protein powder and muscle mass gainer, Carbohydrates and proteins are the vital difference and calories are same but in muscle mass gainer, you need to consume more scoops like 300-350 grams to fulfill your daily intake requirement. It means you should take 1200-1500 Calories per day by the muscle mass gainer supplement (for bodybuilding) and for normal mass gaining life, should take 50-100 grams per day that is 200-500 Calories per day, rest calories should be completed by the foods.

In the list I talked about the ingredient of Maltodextrin, which is mostly found in muscle mass gainers and responsible for gaining muscle mass.

Is mass gainer good for gaining muscle?

Yes It is, the muscle mass gainer is good for gaining muscle rather than just a weight gainer, It has many fillers with too much sugar and simple carbs. Do not use any weight gainer. You can use pure muscle mass gainer, It has many ingredients but the main ingredient is Maltodextrin which is responsible for gaining muscle mass fast.

muscle mass gainer

You may not bear in mind that maltodextrin is the main element in the majority of weight-gain products. It’s a big result on the enzymatic method that permits individuals to perform higher during exercise as well as bulk up on much-needed muscle mass. This natural ingredient is extremely helpful especially for athletes and bodybuilders without the danger of side effects.

Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that greatly helps people perform better and last longer to deal with the demands of heavily strenuous activities. Despite being a carbohydrate, it functions more by rapidly degrading the enzymatic process. Maltodextrin supplements are sometimes added to beverages so as to quickly make full carbohydrate stores that will be depleted throughout the exercise.

Maltodextrin provides four kilocalories per gram just like the other saccharide. The ingredient is a very convenient energy supply that facilitates the fast delivery and absorption of necessary nutrients by muscle tissues. Muscle glycogen will instantly get replaced throughout or after exercise. Maltodextrin is derived from cornflower and is very simply digestible. Acids and/or enzymes are then added to crack the starch into smaller polymers. The method is very similar to what happens inside the body when digesting carbohydrates. Some kinds of maltodextrins are polymers of glucose that also are named as glucose polymers coming within the variety of dried powders.

 These do not contain much fat, fiber, or protein although some products are highly known for having soluble fiber and are very useful in reducing fat and excess weight. Most products also don’t add vitamins or flavors.

The term “maltodextrin” truly refers to varied lengths of dextrose polymers. Maltodextrin isn’t very sweet compared to glucose. It is the first ingredient found in most weight-gainer products and supplements and comes in handy for people who need to gain a lot of mass and weight like ectomorphs. A lot of weight-gain supplements contain a lot of calories to help individuals move up in terms of weight and muscle and consume more than their average dietary intake without having to eat most in many meals daily.

The fine white powder contains a bland taste and mixes very well with different kinds of liquids. It additionally helps improve the ability of protein powders to combine with alternative liquids so most bodybuilders prefer to prepare their on-the-go meals by combining maltodextrin with one or two scoops of protein powder and 250 to 350 ML of water. The product contains no fat and can provide energy for long hours.

Bodybuilders sometimes incorporate maltodextrin in their diets during the bulking phase. One drawback would be the extremely high calories that weight-gain products contain so although maltodextrin itself contains no fat, the excess calories will result in a combination of muscle and fat gain. By degrading the enzymatic process, the conversion of carbohydrates to energy is reduced thereby allowing individuals to perform better for longer periods of time.

Maltodextrin is best mixed with about fifty grams of water or fruit juice in a shaker or topped mixer. you may additionally mix it with protein powder since maltodextrin can improve the protein supplement’s ability to combine whereas the protein’s flavor can improve maltodextrin’s taste. Consume the mix pre-workout, during the workout, or post-workout to provide enough energy to last all exercises or to quickly replenish glycogen and carbohydrate stores. Every 50 grams of maltodextrin will provide around 190 calories, 47 grams of carbs, and less than 2 grams of protein and fat.

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