What is CNT (Cellular Nourishment therapy)?

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The human body is made up of over 100 trillion cells. Nutrition or nourishment is needed for the cells to remain healthy so that we can lead a healthy life. Eating well means eating a variety food. No single food contains all the nutrients that our bodies need. This results in many nutritional deficiencies may lead to a number of ailments and disorders of the human body, in order to prevent such deficiencies,

Vestige believes in spreading the benefits of CNT. It is a holistic approach, which includes world-class products that are rich in all the essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids amino acids and various other nutrients. These products supply the body with the right amount of nutrition and also make up for the lack of nourishment.

Need for good health

The human body works as a machine and needs a constant supply of nutrients to carry out its day-to-day activities. If the body’s engine does not enough nutrition then it is bound to be sluggish and how on energy, thereby leading to improper functioning of the body.

A body, therefore, tends to under perform due to the following reasons:

1. Lifestyle disorders: With an increase in the number of comforts being offered to mankind, a lot of people have fallen prey to sedentary lifestyles, It is because of this lifestyle that they tend to ignore their health, which leads to under-nourishment even though they think are eating well. They skip on the essential nutrients while consuming all the wrong ones.

2. Food choices: The human tongue spoilt by taste rather than what is good for the body so we eat what tastes good but might not essentially be nutritious, which eventually leads to nutritional imbalance.

3. Low consumption of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables provide the body with fiber along with other essential vitamins and minerals. They aid in proper digestion and are good for improving overall health. But people tend to ignore these benefits and do not consume even the minimum amount of servings of fruits and vegetables required by the body.

4. Body schedules: As more and more people get busy with their work and have hectic schedules to follow, their health takes a backseat. They eat whatever they get and whenever they are able to. It leads to a huge deficiency of nutrients in the body.

5. Following fad diets: A lot of people blindly follow diets that they think would make them lose weight but in turn deprive the body of nutrients required to be healthy. One should try and strike a balance between eating the right food and exercise.

Nutritional Supplements & Good Health  

To overcome the deficiency in one’s diet, intake of nutritional supplements is safe across all age groups and is beneficial to each in the following ways:

1. Children:  They require essential nutrients for their growth and development. Nutritional supplements help in improving memory as children have to study for long hours and also play a lot outdoors. Nutritional supplements build immunity and provide essential nutrients for their healthy growth and development.

2. Youth: They require energy and strength to cope with the high-stress levels. Nutritional supplements help those combat physical and mental changes that they go through.

3. Working class: Busy schedules, work and family obligations, stress and competition keep them on their toes all the while and exhaust the body’s ability to lead a normal healthy life. Nutritional supplements help them beat stress and be healthy.

4. Middle age:  With age, the body’s level of energy to carry out day-to-day activities start to decline, coupled with the sedentary lifestyle it becomes even more essential for one to get a daily dose of supplements to revitalize the body. Nutritional supplements make up for the lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Old age: As one reaches a mature age, the body’s system especially the digestive system becomes sluggish. Also as a number of nutrients get depleted, it makes one dependent on others for simple tasks. Nutritional supplements help the body to regain its vigor and induce independence to lead a healthy life.

6. Pregnant and lactating women: Pregnant, as well as lactating women, need an extra supply of nutrients to provide both for themselves and their young ones. Nutritional supplements during these times are a must since the body’s need for calcium, vitamins, iron, and other nutrients are on the rise.

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